Eurosis Consulting helps you transform your organization with best practice & benchmarking.

Eurosis Consulting, member of Ebeltoft Group provides best practices and benchmarking research for creating sustainable business performance improvements for Eurosis clients.
Turkey and the region is becoming a highly attractive emerging market which escalates the local competition noticeably. Eurosis Consulting helps organizations to keep up and survive in this competition through its proven corporate development solutions which integrates international best practice & benchmarking services.
Through a detailed measurement of performance metrics and determining the standards of the front-runners, benchmarks are set to define where the business goes. These benchmarks, enables companies to define their positions and generate a roadmap for corporate development, which is a transformation from a conventional organization into a dynamic and effective organizations. In this transformation the company goes through the practice of continuous learning, management of knowledge, implementation and adaptation of the standards and achieving a prominent improvement.
Eurosis enhances organizational improvement initiatives, brings its best practice model, methodological tools and subject matter expertise to the project.
To obtain detailed information about Eurosis Consulting corporate development approach, consulting services integrated with best practice and benchmarking research, please contact Eurosis Consulting by:

Murat Suner
+90-212 335 27 57