In a progressively more complex regulatory environment, many industries i.e. banking, telecom, transport, and energy face an increasing level of regulation that often puts 30 to 50 percent of EBITDA at stake. We help clients organize, set priorities, and mobilize to work collaboratively with government bodies, lobbying groups and regulators.

We partner with our clients to quickly identify and understand the key regulatory issues that may affect their industry, leveraging in-depth understanding of the profit pools in the industry as well as unique insights into the levers that government and regulators might consider implementing in their sector.

Our consulting activities in the public sector cover a broad range of strategy and policy setting topics, including:

  • Implications of national economic development plans
  • Policy planning and reforms in education, labor, health and social welfare
  • Sector outlook planning to improve the competitiveness
  • Development of special economic zones
  • Design of fiscal reforms, such as tax, customs and subsidies reforms
  • Development of plans to increase efficiency and effectiveness of government funding across all areas