Defining the path to sustainable advantage for a specific business unit requires making proprietary decisions on where to play and how to win. We help clients design, test, refine, and implement their strategies, ensuring they will beat the market. The goal is to drive a business to full economic potential by addressing below challenges:
  • Positioning in relation to competitors
  • Enhancing our relative advantage
  • Learning from customers today to better compete tomorrow
  • Positioning with specific moves for a greater success
  • Assessing our current business for the future
We offer extensive experience in delivering a tailor-made solution for each client by:
  • Understanding and overcoming the drivers of declining business performance
  • Developing a strategic response to moves by traditional or emerging competitors
  • Understanding future risks and their implications for strategy
  • Targeting a large and growing profit pool
  • Focusing on the customer and developing "hidden" and untapped customer assets
  • Planning for the launch of a new business
  • Business model innovation and new-business building
  • Devising a path to achieve leadership economics