Industry Challenges
  • Improving operational efficiency and increasing profitability under increasing economic pressure
  • Increasing demands of innovation and human capital investment.
  • Adapting to new policy frameworks driven by restructuring, deregulation, and corporate consolidation of the industry
  • Declining natural reserves and increased consumption
  • Exploring growth strategies by investing long-term technology development on fossil-fuel alternatives, including nuclear, battery, and wind and water power
  • Developing a corporate investment strategy
  • Defining portfolio and expansion strategies
  • Implementing energy efficiency strategies and new business models
  • Using technology trends to cope with decarbonization requirements
  • Managing performance by using appropriate approaches: cost structure review, process optimization, customer management, supply chain optimization, asset utilization and outsourcing analysis
  • Improving energy trading
  • Addressing IT investments for maximum return
  • Increasing the operational performance of the supply chains
  • Creating strategies to attract innovative leadership and talent
  • Retaining and expanding the customer portfolios
We help companies involved in several subsectors of the oil and gas industry, including:
  • Refining and marketing
  • Equipment manufacturing
  • Downstream operations
  • Retail oil products
  • Our environmental expertise spans alternative and renewable forms of energy
  • Power generators
  • Electric and gas utilities
  • Alternative energy providers
  • Governments, regulators, industry associations, and nongovernmental organizations
  • Technology companies, original equipment manufacturers, and suppliers to the energy-and-environment industry
  • Energy-intense heavy-industry players