Strategy is the integrated set of actions that an organization takes to create its competitive advantage. It is a complex journey of large and small decisions made in a rapidly evolving external business environment that must take into account a company’s operating habits and leadership dynamics. Today, strategic planning and execution are complicated by high levels of economic volatility across the globe. Our Strategy Practice has the tools, experience, expertise and insights to support clients throughout their strategic journey in today’s constantly evolving global economy. In every industry, we help clients make successful strategic change and renewal based on deep foresight into how their industries will evolve. A mission expresses the organization’s timeless aspirations and values. A vision is more practical and describes a desirable end state consistent with the mission that will be realized within a finite period. And a strategy is the plan to realize that vision. Several key questions are central to the development of mission and vision:
  • What are your company’s principles and aspirations?
  • What specific medium-to-long-term strategic goals are we working toward?
  • How do we ensure that our mission is broadly embraced across the organization and not just seen as words on paper?
  • How should we develop and communicate our vision to foster the broadest possible alignment?
The success of any enterprise depends on knowing what business you are in (or should be in), understanding the current and future sources of advantage in that business, and capturing and maintaining that advantage. Working in partnership with your company, we closely assess all relevant aspects of your business, design strategies to unlock new sources of advantage and support you in bringing them to life.

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