In today’s competitive and volatile markets, corporate finance is moving beyond simply managing value to creating maximum value. Its reach now extends deeper than ever before, touching every aspect of the business. Eurosis Consulting’s Corporate Finance practice is well positioned to serve CFOs and other leaders as they address these new cross-functional challenges. We take a holistic approach to corporate finance by dealing with a broader range of issues and taking a longer view than most financial advisers. Our involvement usually extends beyond support of a transaction, for example, to include the integration work needed to capture maximum value from a merger; similarly, we work with clients not just to assess performance in the finance function but more typically to define a long-term corporate transformation strategy. We combine strategic, financial, and organizational capabilities into a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. This, combined with our innovative approach to problem solving, helps to create sustained value for our clients. Eurosis Consulting follows a holistic approach, encompassing strategic, operating, organizational and financial issues such as:
  • Superior business strategies, which are informed by proprietary analytics and deep industry knowledge, that result in revenue growth and structural cost leadership
  • Quick implementation and lasting results resulting from structured programs and organizational change and from instilling capabilities to continuously build performance improvement
  • Expertise in cash and liquidity management, including modeling, tracking, cash generation and managing the company agenda
  • Effectiveness in working with incumbent management teams based on collaborative approach
  • Experienced personnel that, where necessary, can augment the client leadership team with interim management
  • Success-based pricing structure that preserves cash during the liquidity crunch and aligns our objectives with those of the equity and management team

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