Information technology should improve business results. Eurosis Consulting helps companies make sure it does. We look at IT issues strategically, in the broader context of our client’s business. Our experts provide an objective, independent perspective to help companies realize the full potential of their IT resources, investments and assets. Only a small number of companies have IT that is effective (IT systems maximize the use of resources from a cost and quality perspective) and truly aligned with the business (projects get done on time and support business priorities). These successful companies record a compound annual growth rate over three years that is 35 percent higher than the average. They also spend less: aligned, effective IT can produce material cost savings. Eurosis Consulting's Information Technology practice helps clients use data and IT to create competitive advantage and optimize business performance. Organizations need to transform and deliver high-value services at best-in-class cost levels. Key questions include:
  • How can we reduce costs in a strategic fashion, without losing capability to the business?
  • How should we use outsourcing — typically the largest savings lever for IT organizations — in an optimal manner?
  • How do we ensure we are investing in the most important parts of the portfolio?
Key questions remain for these IT organizations, namely:
  • How can we achieve higher IT effectiveness and meet client expectations of innovation, responsiveness, and quality with this reduced cost base?
  • What parts of the portfolio do we need to invest in to give our company competitive advantage?
  • How do we motivate the IT talent that remains in the organization to perform at a world-class level?
To make IT effective, companies need to streamline their IT organizations in three ways: simplify systems to reduce costs, source IT hardware and services from the best location (inside or outside the company) and dramatically increase the business results from IT initiatives. The ultimate goal of an effective IT organization should be to harness IT to business objectives to propel new growth; to allow business units to serve customers in ways that competitors do not. Companies will know they have arrived when:
  • The IT organization understands business priorities, supports business needs and is well staffed to respond to challenges
  • Business trusts IT capabilities and actively participates in–and often leads–all IT projects and investments
  • The IT organization proactively identifies business opportunities
  • IT capabilities are a core element of the business strategy
Because we have no financial interest in downstream IT implementation or outsourcing services, our clients value Eurosis Consulting's bias-free, independent, and impact-oriented approach. Our clients also value Eurosis Consulting's recognized strengths in strategy, organization, and operations, as well as the broad strategic lens we apply to IT. Eurosis Consulting's IT expertise is concentrated in five critical areas:
  • IT Strategy. We help clients leverage IT in their business-planning and innovation efforts and develop strategic IT architectures and road maps.
  • IT Transformation. We help clients use IT to transform their value propositions, organizations, operations, and financial results.
  • IT Sourcing. We develop overall IT and business-process sourcing strategies and help clients select, make agreements with, and manage outsourcing and offshore units more effectively.
  • IT Organization. We help clients define the role and mission of their IT organization, design more effective organization structures, improve governance, and identify new people-and talent management practices.  We also help new corporate leaders set agendas.
  • IT Performance. We partner with clients to delineate key IT-performance objectives and metrics and improve IT efficiency and effectiveness.
We are committed not only to our clients’ success but also to advancing the general practice of corporate IT.

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